More WordPress Interesting Things

Did you know that you can apply per-post-styles in WordPress? You can also apply presentation to categories. Here are some interesting plugins I ran across that will be handy in the future. Look at this page for more.

Per-Post Styles
Let’s you assign a different style to each post or authors posts.

This plugin shows future dated posts in a calendar format. Very interesting.

Link Post
This plugin which has the name of Link Post is really cool looking. It can enable you to change the look of a category to anything you want. So all of your categories can have a different appearance.

Ratings Plugin
Ratings Plugin lets you assign ratings to your posts (so if you were writing movie reviews for example you could give something a rating) and it also has the ability to let your readers rate your posts. This would be a disaster on BrainFuel because all of my posts would probably get a thumbs down.

Time of Day
Creates friendly post times such as “early morning” instead of “08:58 AM”

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