Interesting web sites

Some photos of a really nice place.

Some screen grabs from the King Kong trailer.

It’s warm up at the North Pole.

A random image and random url script from 1998 that still works.

Remember that guy who took photos with a camera hanging from his kite? Well, he’s been busy uploading photos to Flickr. Here’s another guy doing the same.

AFI List of Top 100 Quotes From U.S. Films

I want this guys job.

This is a really cool video of a neat remote controlled race car, airplane, boat.

AutoBoss is a web based system you can buy that enables car dealerships to list their inventory online. is one of the better sites for looking for scripts. It’s been around for years.

Interesting article about the 10 common keywords used by realtors in home ads. Also the rest of this site is rather interesting although I have not explored too much.

The harp, is it a musical instrument, OR A GIANT EGG SLICER???!! (Compliments of the Green Acres tv show).

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