Messing with their minds

Cold caller: Hello, are you the owner of this house?

Me: Well, it’s not really a house.

Cold caller: Oh, is it an apartment then?

Me: Well, no. It’s more of a dwelling.

Cold caller: A dwelling?

Me: Well, more of a straw hat.

Cold caller: Oh — “click” —

4 responses to “Messing with their minds”

  1. Haha. That’s hilarious.

    Sometimes they are so persistent. I had one asking me about some financial institute and if i wanted to sign up, i said no. They asked another question about finance or whatever which i said no to, then another question about something to do with their service. After saying no to their questions they asked me ‘for training purposes’ why i don’t want it.

    I said, “At present i’m not in the position to take full advantage of the offer and therefore i’m going to have to decline”. They said OK and then hung up. 🙂

    I understand where they are coming from a bit as i did door knocking and cold calling for a sales department years ago. I pissed a heap of people off and understandably so. I had to quit because my conscience drove my head into the ground.

  2. I too worked at a few telemarketing firms while in school, and it was rough until I started taking inbound calls from people ordering stuff through Macy’s and Bon Marche catalogs. Although once in a while, I would get people who would ask me if I could go down to the bedding department to see if they had a certain color available… I guess they didn’t realize that I was sitting in a huge call center and not in the actual store.

  3. I think it’s the fact that so many cold callers are that persistent that people play with them. If I could just say, I’m not interested and they would say “ok” I wouldn’t do it. I’ve made plenty of phone calls and when people told me they weren’t interested I would just move on. There are another million people in this city that I could call… why bother with someone that is obviouslly not interested.

  4. I love telemarketers! I love messing with them. I ask them advice, I ask them out (if they are a female) I ask why they take such worthless jobs. Why they are working on a sunday at 2pm. I tell them stories of how my parents beat me, I tell them I’d love to take a survery but if it’s ok I go to the bathroom while they talk to me. Getting a call from a telemarketer can be quite fun if you turn the tables around. I once had a sweet lady call me during the week at 7pm while I was eating dinner and watching tv and she wanted me to vote for a certain candidate. She asked if I had any questions or what I look for in a candidate. I went off on her asking things like does this candidate like men or women? do they shower once a day or once a week, how many times did her cheat on his wife? What is his drug of choice. crazy off the wall questions, she could not handle it and hung up on me…Man I love when I get the calls, I look forward to it. One time I kept a young female telemarker on the phone to help me out with female troubles I was having…she was great!

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