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Here are some fun links I’ve found over the last few weeks…

A very good summary of how MSN, Yahoo, and Google analyze the web. If more people understood this sort of thing they would know why it is so difficult to get good ranking.

Neat magic trick video (no sound).

Another video, this one shows a car driving behind a huge jet and watch it blow away. The moral of the story is this: Never walk on a runway.

I just ate one of these cookies from Urban Cookies. Good stuff.

Some good tips on how to conduct an interview.

This article has some great examples of how to phrase an interview question.

Will Wright demos an amazing game. (via Tom)

Microsoft did the iPod packaging video in house.

Remember that toaster that would cook an egg? Westinghouse made one that cuts a bagel in half. Yay! Next thing you know it’ll add cream cheese.

RSS Mix will mix any number of RSS feeds into one RSS feed. Cool stuff!

Feel good story of the day about an autistic basketball player.

Check out this page I made. Neat idea for a web service but I hesitate to think where a business model fits in.

They don’t make car commercials like this anymore.

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