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Earlier today I received an email from The Closet Entrepreneur telling me about the LovSac Retail Store Locator Map. We thought it was cool enough to feature by itself.

3 responses to “ Flash Map”

  1. The map was cool but a little too trippy. Made me seasick. But it was fun to see all of the celebrities who love sac.

  2. When you think about it I doubt this is any more effective than just a list of locations. However, they wouldn’t have earned a link from BrainFuel without this cool map.

  3. I have on old vintage lovesac that I bought like 7 years ago. I still love it, but its getting old and its time for a new one. Believe it or not, I paid $120 for a 5 footer. People laughed at me when I bought that love sack and that I would pay that much. Now the same bag will cost you like $400. It was time for a new one cuz my old lovesack was just hashed, and I shopped around and decided to get a foam bag at Lovesacs are great, but I am completely satisfied with my foam bag and believe it to be just as good as quality, and I saved over a $100. Compare the love sack with the foam bag.

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