Logo of the Month #17

The Logo of the Month has been on vacation for a few months, until today. I was reading about Pentagram Design on their blog and saw this gem for the Seattle Art Museum. It’s awesome.

4 responses to “Logo of the Month #17”

  1. nice, clean, works well in print and architectural applications. Even has legs for other ‘sub’ brands (as seen on the screen shots on their site). The SAM “E” effect doesn’t bother me too much. I see it, but it’s not a deal breaker.
    I’m tired of layouts (see the letterhead) that bury the most important information – namely the phone number. At first glance, you have to dig for it…I think it irresponsible for designers to always lay stuff out that looks really clean and nice, but fail to uphold some simple user information needs, or fail to give cues for prioritizing information.

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