I ran across LexBlog the other day and was dully impressed. They’re a company that builds blogs for law firms. Smart move! Go after the high rollers.

They have tons of portfolio sites, work remotely from Montana, have very good design sense, use Movable Type (I’m more of a fan of WordPress but that’s just me), apparently have packages which probably makes the sales process simple, and of course also have a good blog themselves. Definately worth a study if you have any interest in marketing to select industries whether it’s the legal industry or landscaping.

3 responses to “LexBlog”

  1. Sheesh clever move eh?

    Very nice and clean site too… can almost imagine the pinstripe suits and everything.

    With a PR8 they must have been around for a while then? Very impressive.

  2. We’re friends with Kevin and the lexblog crew and they definitely do some good work.

    Word on the street is that Greg Storey is their new pseudo Art Director 😉

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