Check out this sweet site sent in by MarkB this morning. “I was blown away by its complexity of design.”

web site design in phoenix

I’m not sure, but I’d take a healthy guess that the same company designed all of these sites.

9 responses to “Knoxville”

  1. I reckon its a great example of ‘out of the box’ web design… ie not sticking to a rigid, 800×600 frame.. going outside of that with backgrounds and extended elements… true its busy, but i think it works very nicely.

  2. Well if you shrink the page down to a 800×600 screen size I like how the right hand side bar moves towards bottom of page great coding.

  3. It’s great to see a southern city taking the steps to do a out of the ordinary style site for the south. It is a great looking site with some really fine details from the navigation, to the use of fonts, to the arrangement of content. I really like it.

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