Just Breathe

One of our clients is opening a new wellness sanctuary in Phoenix this weekend, and we did all of the Flash for their web site. Go and check it out at www.justbreathewellness.com.

web site design in phoenix

Tornado did all of the Flash work and our client supplied the basic design for the site. Mega-kudos to Tom for all of the great Flash work. You wouldn’t believe some of the amazing stuff that goes on in the background of that site. There is a full blown content management system, action scripting that determines the thickness of photos that slide out, and then randomizes the distance between them, and which picture to show. We’ve also helped this client get set up with a blog, a forum, and email campaigns.

We’re in the middle of building a customer assessment form system for Just Breathe, which uses Flash and PHP and allows staff to record customers health status and see past assessments. It’s pretty cool.


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