Middle of June Already

Random links from the last several weeks. This one got pretty long. Sorry about that!

Add Google Maps driving directions link to your web site.

24 fans listen up! Season five is coming this January and the shows creator fills us in on some details from past seasons and next years show.

Watch this video of the Atom car. It’s superb!! Via Gary.

World Press Photo winners for 2005. And the best from over 50 years.

Photos on Flickr from Antarctica. One of my favorites. Check out the airplane, too.

U.S. Geological Survey Photo Library. These photos are not copyrighted and maybe viewed and downloaded free of charge. All photos are available in 100, 700 and 1400 dots per inch resolution. The collection consists of over 25,100 photos ranging in age from 1868 through 1992 with emphasis on Geology, Earthquake Damage, National Parks and Monuments, Pioneer Photographers such as W.H. Jackson, J.K. Hillers, T.H. O’Sullivan, A.T. Russell and others, Mount St. Helens Volcanic Eruption of 1980, and Mines, Mills and Quarries.

Something I didn’t know how to do in Photoshop that I now do.

Cell phone reception reports… basically show zero reception at my office which is pretty much what I knew. Cingular wireless is so scripted about stuff like this. I feel like companies who use scripts and untrained staff are so demeaning to their customers. Of course, I’m writing this from personal experience and I’m currently upset because I realized just now that Cingular won’t send a person out to test if anybody can “hear me now” ala Verizon.

Maybe the next time Cingular calls me up I should use this telemarketer script.

Tips for securing your wireless network. This might be handy someday when you want to run a wireless network that is secure (unlike your current one).

Google Print is in beta and it works pretty good. I found a bunch of good books doing simple keyword searches. This would be fabulous for investigating things. You insert a keyword and BAM! You’ve got results in book form.

Green and purple optical illusion.

Apple is switching to Intel chips. Let the chips fall where they may.

Wondering where your page rank is? It’s right here in the page rank bin.

Apple’s homepage over the years.

Everyboat.com looks like a place where you can find used boats for sale in your state.

If you scroll down the page a bit you’ll find a huge list of software handy if you plan to switch between Mac and PC. There are a ton of comments at the end of that page as well.

Good price on a 19″ LCD.

Here’s a great example of video in Flash. I was looking for a good demonstration of this awhile back and finally found this one. The only thing is this guy is obviously needing some makup and a haircut!

Old but a good read: Online Dynamic Pricing: Efficiency, Equity and the Future of E-commerce.

This is the smallest 5 MP camera I’ve ever seen.

Free Flickr stuff.

Some good Windows hacks.

Photographs of celebrities playing table tennis.

Photographic Wisdom – A post on Flickr where people are talking about how to take great pictures. Via Bill Brown.

USDA Certified Free Photos (Via Gary)

A big list of WordPress Plugins.

Logo Trends for 2005.

This is a nice looking blog/site. I found it while reading this interesting article about how Wal-Mart and Ofoto wouldn’t give people their photos that they printed because they “looked too professional and might voilate copyright law.”

Check out the Font Diner for some free retro fonts.

This wp–recent–links plugin for WordPress looks pretty cool. I couldn’t get it to work and wondered if there were any other ones out there?

March Of The Penguins movie trailerVia Andrew

Man Discovers His Biological Father Is Nigerian Royalty.

“Johnson was happy with his life as a mortgage broker in suburban Minnesota, and uninterested in finding his birth parents. But his wife and children encouraged him to look. By chance, his birth mother found him first, and after that Johnson started looking for his father. Then came the letter revealing Johnson’s father was chief of Aboh village in Nigeria, considered royalty in that part of the world. As the chief’s first-born son, Johnson was in line to inherit the revered traditional leadership position.”

We can blame him for all of the Nigerian spam we’ve been getting.

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