So I see that Mr. McCain has finally decided to run for President, something everybody but he himself apparently didn’t know before tonight. I went to his web site and was struck by the black and white theme. Curious to know what you all think about this noticeable lack of color (besides photos and link colors).

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  1. I like it — a lot.

    Black and white — yes or no — right or wrong — decisive — straightforward — bottom line…

    plus it’s different. Not the same old same old, red, white and blue political triumvirate BS. Although not a big deal to the everyday person, I would bet it’s a bit of a risk for a presidential candidate to step out of the tried and true political color scheme.

    Not sure I would vote for him, and I think he would do himself a big favor by loosening up in those videos…but I dig his website.

  2. Does anyone else find the primary system flawed. McCain still has a good chance at losing the Primaries since he is so middle of the road. He’s too left for many republicans but can’t get the swing vote from registered democrats because they cannot cross party lines in a primary election.

  3. It’s cool, although with all the sepia and black and silver it kinda makes me feel as if he’s dead already. Commemorating great statesman McCain, something like that.

    It also makes me think of the Songbird interface.

  4. It’s not a good choice for the general public, I agree with Nils on the dead comment. It’s a fun design, and the video stands out. Maybe they are going to be *clever* and have the site ‘come to life’ and be in living color ala the Wizard of Oz when he formally announces?

  5. Politics are usually all shades of gray. 😉

    I like the term McCainSpace for the name of the sites online community. Hmmm sounds kinda like some popular social site….

  6. I like “real” men and he is as “real” as they come, no matter what color background they use. He’s been there-done that, and knows his way around this planet. He is highly respected by everyone, even by the majority of Dems.
    I don’t think this country is smart enough to vote for him and they will be telling everyone 6 mos after the election about how they should have. Remember when Carter won and everyone asked—You didn’t vote for him, did you? I think if you don’t vote for McCain, you loose again.

  7. Remember it’s not the color that is going to be elected. Schmoos it up with a little color… it’s the Man we are
    supporting. Black is a man’s color .. white for the truth!
    Got it .. he’s a Man for the Truth!

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