It’s nice to see a creative copywriter

It’s not often that we see clever headlines any more. I found these two from Columbia delightful.

8 responses to “It’s nice to see a creative copywriter”

  1. Heh they are good, ‘The Falmouth’ sock as well.

    Too bad their logo looks like sun microsystems!

  2. I wish the museum would let me write copy like that. It’s exactly the sort of thing that would attract an 18-22 year-old (i.e. our primary audience), but apparently we have to be uber pc so as not to risk offending anyone.

  3. I know what you mean. I think the same applies to design. So often it is the ‘safe’ layout that gets approved when the design that tries to do something different is abandoned.

  4. Chris, I think we have a new question to ask on our hands…

    Is offending a few people to potentially draw in a crowd worth the risk?

  5. Sorry if my previous post was in any way so offensive’ that it had to be removed.

    Thought an intelligent comment from an actual copywriter wouldn’t qualify as ‘spam.’

    Guess I was wrong.

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