It’s August

Some random links from the last 3 weeks.

Ventrilo is an interesting group voice chat system. Don sent it over to me and I have given it a whirl and it’s really interesting.

Woman watching sharks at an Australian aquarium suddenly takes a swim with the sharks as the glass breaks. Talk about a crazy story. Here’s a link that has some discussion going.

Sea kayaking is something I want to try sometime. I recently spoke with some people who had done one of the Canada trips mentioned on this site and it sounds like a good adventure.

Look at this awesome font Andrew told me about: Industrial Decapitalist.

The Arizona Diamondbacks official site doesn’t even load correctly in FireFox. It’s incredible they don’t fix this.

I like the way Kierland Commons did their Calendar of Events section.

I like the way WHCC does their FAQ section.

Interesting illustrations of the subway stop that will be under the new building at the World Trade Center site. Click on the pictures for a better view.

Good black and white with a Digital Camera. Someone already explained how to do this to me but it was a nice article so here’s a link.

OneButton FTP (for Mac).

A company I saw at a tiny booth at CES in Las Vegas several years ago has been bought by AOL. I’m really surprised because after viewing the product and a demonstration from the company (which looked tiny) I said that it looked like a sure failure. Goes to show I probably shouldn’t be on your next wireless company startup.

Google wildcards. This is actually how I search most of the time.

I read a book last year about Extreme Programming and here’s a Wikipedia article about the same. I know a few people that might be interested.

Neat presentation Bowman gave showing his conversion of to pure CSS.

An interesting Events and Venues Data Base.

Neat carpet.

Creating a box in CSS with rounded corners.

Typeitforme (for OSX Tiger).

Tricks of the Trade web site is neat. People send in tricks for a variety of professions and situations.

Great idea: How to get a big sandwich at Subway.

Run OSX Tiger on an x86 computer. Pretty amazing stuff.

Textpattern 4 is released. It’s a CMS which I haven’t ever tried but it looks rather interesting. is interesting.

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