Bill Gates featured iRiver in his Keynote at CES this year and I thought the design of the iRiver site was nice (especially the logo and the wide use of white space).

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  1. So how come the iPod still has an eighty-something percent market share of all hard-drive MP3 players, eh?
    By the way, I don’t understand the name. What does a stream of flowing water have to do with MP3 players?

  2. When I was at the CES show in 2004 almost every single Asian manufacturer was promoting mp3 players. They had dozens of designs (each company) and all kinds of “innovative” and “new” features. It was sad because they were all one of a kinds and the companies hyping them wanted to just get a major US distributor to pick up the product.

    It’s silly to pick on the name. What does Apple or Macintosh have to do with computers? All they’re trying to do is create a name that’s catchy.

  3. Well, yeah, but… still…

    Of course “iPod” doesn’t have much to do with an MP3 player, but it does sound like some sort of technical device. When I frist heard about “iRiver,” it confused me, because of the name—River and Pod may not have anything to do with mp3 players, but I think pod works better because ‘pod’ doesn’t immediately remind me of some other noun. When I see “iRiver” I think of some quantity of water rushing over rocks, down mountains, to the sea. In that respect, I do think the folks behind iRiver could’ve done a little bit better.

    The logo is nice, though… (Yes, I admit it. I’m crazy)

  4. Hehe, cool. You have a point. The term “pod” is quite generic. Good point indeed. Did you see the new iPod Shuffle? What do you think? If you wanted an iPod but didn’t want to spend much dough it could work. Or, if you wanted to take music on the road and you were technically illiterate.

  5. Actually, I’ve never done the iPod Shuffle. I don’t dance. (Get it? Haha!)

    My 3G iPod doesn’t have that feature, and I’ve never tried it. However, I do know a way to make my iPod play random songs, but I think the Shuffle feature is better, considering that it’s much right there on the main menu.

  6. Ack, okay, after a bit of learning, I discovered that I didn’t know what I was talking about. (I thought you were referring to the shuffle menu on the 4G iPods).

    Wow, the iPod Shuffle is pretty amazing. I like it.

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