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Now this is how you should do an accessories page! Check out iPod Accessories. The way they showcase all of the available accessories on a single page is just spectacular. Can anybody tell me about the Camera Connector? I’m thinking about buying one.

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  1. I’ve been using the camera connector for a year now and I must say it works great. It had not problems automatically recognizing both of my cameras.

  2. I’ve had the iPod Camera Connector for about a year and use it in emergency situations only – as in I really really need to dump a card’s worth of pictures because it is the only card I have on me. If you are trying to move a lot of pictures – 80 to 100 – say goodbye to your full charge on your iPod. This thing sucks the life out of your iPod’s battery. Not exactly a good thing if you have a couple of cards you want to dump on your iPod.

    Anyways, it works really well and I have had no issues when using it. Definitely something to have in your camera equipment arsenal.

  3. I was really thinking about taking one of these with me to Brazil to transfer my pictures during the trip. I’m afraid I might just have to get a bunch of extra Flash cards.

  4. I would still vote in favor of the camera connector + charging your iPod when you get the chance. It’s much cheaper then getting extra cards.

  5. In that case, if you consider the Video iPod only because of this, it’s not worth it. You can also use it with the now defunct iPod Photo btw.

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