iPhone Stress Tests You Can Perform Yourself

I’ve been observing this iPhone madness, and when Andrew sent me this link to an obviously gentle PC World iPhone Stress Test video, I had to provide my own recommended stress testing guidelines.

The Chris Tingom iPhone Stress Test

  • Play “egg toss” on the parking lot
  • Drop it down an elevator shaft (a mine shaft will do in a pinch)
  • Throw it against a brick wall with all of your might
  • Play baseball with the iPhone (professional pitcher not required)
  • “Accidentally” microwave it with lunch
  • Freeze it with your lunch leftovers
  • Run over it with a lawnmower
  • Play ice hocky and use the iPhone as a puck!

I’m sure you can imagine it wouldn’t survive. But if it did, I’d buy one. In other news, Viddler is giving away two iPhones in July.

By Chris Tingom

Principal of Tornado Design, a Phoenix, AZ based web consultancy

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No need to get all weird or creative. Just give it to a woman.

• Watch it fall from the elliptical at the gym. Repeat.
• Drop it in the toilet. (Void your warranty).
• Melt a lipstick on it in your purse.
• Spill a cappuccino all over. (For more on this, check out my most recent blog entry, linked above.)

For iPods, the solution has been a rugged case. How does a touch screen work with a case?

I saw the Viddler contest linked on, my other daily read. I bet that got some traffic to the site!

That pic is hilarious! I was one of the people waiting in line for the iPhone on friday and it was a little like this when the first people walked out with their “prize”… the people in line were cheering for them! And that was just an at&t store.

The phone is amazing btw.. 🙂 I think the point of the stress test is to simulate somewhat realistic conditions. I would like to see what happens if it’s briefly submerged in liquid as Diana mentioned, however.

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