International Star Registry FAQ

I couldn’t find answers to my numerous questions about the International Star Registry, so I decided to create my own FAQ. Here it is.

What happens if my star is swallowed up by a black hole, or another larger star?
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and 5 Year Limited Warranty. If your star is swallowed up by another star or a black hole, we will credit your account on stars of the same size or smaller.

What happens if my star becomes famous?
Over the years there have been several stars who became famous. In fact, we’re famous for having discovered hundreds of famous stars and have a fully staffed star scouting department.

The key thing to remember when naming a star, is that we are simply granting naming rights. Similar to naming a baseball stadium, when you name a stadium you do not reap financial benefits.

Do you offer a refund if my star dies or burns out?
We offer a 100% credit on your star purchase. If your star burns out within 5 years, we offer a replacement plan.

Can you get me a really, really big star? I’m looking for the most bang for my buck.
Please contact our Special Service Department which is staffed by our research team. They are on the lookout for unique star specimens. Please contact them about special pricing and our annual Holiday specials.

Do I have any liability if my star eats up a planet with life on it?
All of our stars come with liability against any claim from alien life form. Our special insurance team is there for you if we ever receive a claim.

Can I name my star “twinkle, twinkle, little”?
You may, along with 34,204 other people.

By what authority do you name stars? Are there any other things you name?
By the power vested in us, by the twinkling stars, and the north star. We also name constellations and animals.

5 responses to “International Star Registry FAQ”

  1. I was very excited to name a star but then I found out that it was a fraud. You don’t get to name anything. The international star registry puts the name in a book and that’s about it! If you want give me the money and I’ll put it in a book for you. I guess the point is that your fooling yourself, noone is every going to know you even did it unless you buy them that book of wishful thinking.

  2. I almost named a star in memory of my grandfather but after doing enough research, I have come to a conclusion that its not worth spending money on a star that you probably might not even be able to see (If you are successful in naming it legally). Anyone can issue a certificate but does is it approved by the Gov’t?

  3. Is there a list on the internet where you can find a list of people who have had a star purchased for them and see who purchased it?

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