In which a woman criticizes me

“You should know better than to drink that stuff, the acid will eat away at your stomach” she criticized me as I walked with some Dr. Pepper.

“Yeah, I know, but it’s tasty delicious.”

“You know, I use that stuff to clean my silverware.”

“Oh wow, does your silverware get that cruddy?” *

She was smoking a cigarette.

* Just for the record I made up the part where I asked if her silverware got so cruddy that she needed Dr. Pepper to clean it. It’s what I should have said! I mean, seriously, when was the last time you did the dishes?

5 responses to “In which a woman criticizes me”

  1. Haha.

    Wow, some people. You’d think she wouldn’t say anything about your Dr. Pepper, considering she was smoking! Do you think anyone would stop drinking carbonated beverages anyway?

  2. Another thing that kinda seems messed up to me is when overweight doctors give you advice on how to live healthier.

    Not that the advice is wrong, just that they might want to follow their advice once in a while.

  3. Jose, you are sooo right. The stomach really is designed well.

    Alec, yeah, that’s another one that is so right. How about a Fitness Instructor that’s overweight? Haha.

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