If you inherited ten million dollars tomorrow what would you do with it?

So what would you do? And you can’t invest it because we would all do that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. take half and make it grow, build my awesome mom a great house so she can stop living in a single-wide that’s growing black mold in the walls!!
    buy houses for my brothers and sisters
    build my dream home , with kick butt, home studio,theater,gym,pool,micro farm and garden and at least 20 acres of dirt track for atv riding
    hire a personal trainer
    fix my teeth,
    build the biggest baddest computer money can buy! or 2
    buy all the things I have been wanting!
    figure out a way to help people achieve their dreams and goals buy building a school/foundation ect(whatever will work)
    buy a second and third home in Ireland and possibly Jamaica (some place warm & exotic,
    theres so much more too but thats the basics of a 10 mil life starting out anyway!! peace and wealth to everyone!!

  2. I would purchase property and build an independant laboratory. I would buy materials to invent with. With the money I have, I could patent other ideas I have, and make even more money!

  3. 10 million… well I’d need more money for my dreams so from there, start flipping real estate… land and houses, apartment buildings and condos… and if all goes as planned eventually be able to build hotels, and hopefully celebrities will buy a hotel of their own and each hotel have it’s own owner’s touch to it… after the hotel makes back it’s money, all profits are donated to help certain communities and charities… main foyer could be timeline photos of the people helped by staying in the hotel. I’d definately wanna stay in a hotel like that, not only am I helping others, I’m staying in a wicked hotel furnished by my favorite celeb… definately stay in the Villa ๐Ÿ™‚

    Of course some of that money I’d blow of the get go, may have to wait a bit for some things though depending on how far I’d jump into that real estate as stated above… I’d wipe out the debt of myself and loved ones, buy myself and loved ones a house/car (should be pretty reasonably-priced for the houses there getting into real estate and all), nice house on the lake, fire pit outside, nice yard, out of the city somewhere I can jump on my 4-wheeler and go visit a neighbour, a garage of course for my beautiful 1970 mach 1 mustang i’d be purchasing or convincing my father to rebuild it for me whichever’s easier, toys!!! (ski-doo, 4-wheeler, motorcycle, maybe a boat or ski-doo), at least one good vacation definately, Australia. I am female and all, so I guess I should go clothes shopping or something… meh I’ll just pay a friend with their own shopping spree who knows my style to do it for me, I hate shopping. Can’t forget about donating to my workplace(a not-for-profit organization, healthcare-related) which is a good cause in itself. And one more just for me, train my ass off and go outdoor rock-climbing on a crazy mountain ๐Ÿ™‚ Talk about big dreams lol And not really investing any if real-estate isn’t concidered investing ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’d also quit my part-time job and stop selling make-up products on the side, I’d like to still keep my full-time job but may think about dropping down to part-time or casual… take a LOA or something as I would assume I’d be fairly busy with other things… wow wouldn’t that be something, I feel strange enough because I’m on my 7th day of vacation from all jobs, a real vacation out of my province, yup definately’d be taking some time off and dropping a couple jobs ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Fix up my grandparents old Farmyard. Restore an old tractor with my dad. Go mudding with my buddies. Drink a hell of a lot of beer. Live the rest of my life with no worries. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Give it to God, help my wife get her dream started for a home for pregnant teens who want a better life. Put two million away let it gain intrest and start up college fund for our kids. Also start a chain of homes in a small town as rental properties as subsidized housing alowing the renters to get on there feet. And after observing them trying to do good for themselves and family offer them the home to buy for a doller. Also to pay it forword.

  7. 1. buy 3 properties around the world to live
    2. buy some toys, boat, car, bike etc
    3. pay my immediate families debts, including mortgages
    4. invest 1M to bring an ongoing income of 100k+ a year
    5. save 5M and any other solid investment opportunities come up, I can join
    6. change 1M to gold and bury it in a safe, location only known to myself
    7. travel the world 4-5star style with my wife
    8. provide for my kids

  8. i will help as many ppl around me …. and the rest of the money go about enjoyin every moment without any regrets

  9. Donate 1 million to charity for that life-long feel good.

    Put 8.5 million into investments.

    Buy a nice car and home in the country with the remaining half a million.

  10. 1. invest in gold/silver bullion and gold/silver stocks with good fundamentals
    2. watch this 10 million investment grow to 30 to 50 million before the top falls out this sector
    3. rotate profits into real estate or what ever the next long term trend is..
    4.quit work and start traveling the world, living in one country for a few months at a time…
    5. i’ve got no debt, so that wouldn’t be an issue
    6. give a million each to parents, brother, sister and wife’s parents… after the gold/silver trade runs its course…

  11. I would help the needy with it! I would also like to invest in cancer research! ๐Ÿ™‚ Like Bill Gates!

  12. First and fore most I would buy at least 5 lamborginis and a bugatti then I would buy 3,000 pounds of the best marijuana put 50 pounds in a trashcan in my garage have some friends over light it and shut the door ๐Ÿ™‚ then I would sell the rest and quadruple my money.. probably a few thousand in strip clubs (gotta support single moms ) and I would pee on homeless people and tell them to quit being a bum and get a job then get in the Lambo and flip them off..

  13. I’d take care of my family, friends, and a few complete strangers. Do some things to make this world a better place and live a Godly and rightious life.of course I’d get a nice home for my wife and kids and a few nice cars. I wouldn’t go overboard.

  14. I would provide jobs in restructuring rehabbing existing structures into homes for each homeless person ……….in turn creating new jobs and solving the homeless society……. each home would be Totally Green & providing a small garden for each to grow their own food…
    And Of Course I also would help my Sons & Grandchildren and our families……

  15. 1. Invest my money into the stock market using my own strategies and my own time, save up to 50 million.
    2. Spend half and keep the rest in the stock market.
    3. give money to my family to peruse their dreams.
    4. Move to Oahu -insert in line before 2-
    5. Live out my days a happy happy man

    -18 year old wishes haha

  16. I make a check out to my church, Saint Charles of 1 million, then Pay of all bills, especially the ones that are pink, like the gas and electric bill and water…..!
    buy a house a big fat family home.
    buy a few cars that actually work.
    start our family business, and support our invention ideas and put them on store shelves.
    buy new clothes for all of us( there is six of us and we need new clothes and shoes, really bad.)
    fill up the pantry, and fridge.
    help our moms out in everything financial
    and our brothers and sisters.
    and once all of us are o.k. then we will go on vacation to disneyland world for two weeks or even a month.
    then the hubby and me will sit down with a lawyer and set up the legalities. and then we will help more friends and family…and church… and travel and buy a nice piece of land in temecula, ca. and start a vineyard and then rest the end of the days with a glass of wine, cheese and crackers.

  17. 1- Donate 1 Million to charity
    2- invest 1 Million in small projects to help the poor
    3- Open a software company with my friend
    4- Buy new house and new furniture
    5-Buy new cars for me and my brother
    6- pay for my cousin surgery
    7- Give scholarship to my cousin
    8- open a family business
    9- Travel
    10- help my family members to achieve their dreams

  18. I would first build a Church with a true righteous intention; one that would be owned by the members and pastoral lead. Then prepare a future for my family while finishing out my career of 18 years in the military. Then, I would have a nice day.

  19. 1. First of all 10% to my church
    2. Pay my home off
    3. Purchase homes for my 3 children, because that’s all I would give them.
    4. Build a facility for foster child, since I grew up in foster care
    5. Donate 1 million to charities
    6. 1 Million to child abuse
    7. After working all my life for someone else, life long dream of opening my
    own business, since I like to refurbuish
    8. Open a home for Veterans
    9. I would be able to work some in my foster home facility
    10. I would be able to grown the garden I would love to have

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