I always get 3 bids (no I don’t)

How do you feel about people who always get three bids (or any number above 1) when looking to buy contracted services? Does that seem smart? Do you hate it as a vendor? Or do you do it yourself?

Update: I personally rarely get more than one bid. I usually just pick people I like. This goes for most people I would expect. A lot of people just don’t have the time to shop around.

3 responses to “I always get 3 bids (no I don’t)”

  1. i hate when potential clients do this, i always ask “where did you source candidates for this project” if one of the answers is “a friend does this” then i blatantly ask “is this a fair process” and “what are the criteria that you base your decision on” – ive found that if its government work then they already know who theyre gonna pick – they have to ask for tenders as part of government policy, so these i dont bother with.

  2. Mark: Good tips, especially concerning government contracts. With major pitches I’ve learned to ask how many companies they are talking to. On more than one occasion the number has been over 10 and with each additional company the chances diminish.

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