A client pointed me towards Hymotion today and I thought it looked cool — definitely worth sharing here. The one thing about this site that really bugs me however is the poor support for Internet Explorer. Whether you like it or not, IE has a decent market share and to ignore it is unwise.

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  1. At some point, I think we all have to stop working so hard to support IE6. IE8 is on it’s way – are we really going to support *three* very different versions of IE? At some point the costs outweigh the benefits.

    I’ve started leaving little enhancements out of IE because for the experience to the user, it’s just not worth the effort it would take. It’s an enhancement if you’re using IE7 or FF, but just not there for IE6.

    I agree that Hymotion takes non-support for IE to an extreme. It’s unfortunate that IE6 users will perceive the shortcoming as the company’s or the web developer’s and not even think for a moment that the problem could have something to do with their browser.

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