How to tell if something is quality

Unfortunately I don’t have the answer.

But that’s the purpose of a whole lot of web sites. For example, Angies List is a subscription web site that helps people find quality home improvement contractors (plumbers, painters, landscapers, and so forth).

Someone could do well to make a blog that helps people determine whether something is high quality. I think a good person for that would be the CEO of Costco. I was reading in a New York Times article about how he said a shirt was Nordstrom’s quality. The problem is most people can’t tell the difference up front. A little education would be really neat.

I’d love to see a web site where people explained why something was quality and gave examples. That would be worth reading.

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  1. I love this idea. This is part of why art and design are so appealing to me: the science behind art and design – the what-makes-this-good? – is constantly being redefined.

    But more generally, there should be a blog dedicated to analyzing a specific object and figure out what makes it good – why a computer program, or a computer, or a work of art, or a steak, or a song is good. It would have to be a guest blog, unless one person has all the expertise to review so many different things.

    Ah, reviews! I guess you could find a lot of this stuff at the heart of reviews, but what about stuff that people don’t review? I guess everything is reviewed, though.

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