How can it be December already?

File Scavenger is a handy little program for recovering data from bad disk drives.

Here’s a Vonage phone that works with WiFi.

CSS Drop Shadows.

Sony has this new digital camera out that is called an R1 and it takes 10.3 mega pixel photos. Check out some samples. It’s not a D-SLR though, so I have some doubts about that personally however if you don’t care this could be a really nice camera.

24 Ways is a site in the theme of 24 days before Christmas and is about Ajax and web stuff.

Interesting chart showing which email clients block images by default. There are also some email marketing trends discussed.

Go to iconbuffet and click “hide this by default.” Pretty cool effect.

I’m going to try to use Blingo and see if I can win anything. If you decide to give it a try you can use this page and I think it connects my referral somehow and increases our chances of winning. I’m not sure though.

Just Curious. An interesting idea. People ask questions and other people answer them however it’s casual and I think it needs moderation.

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