Due to the lack of quality content up on Brainfuel today (no new posts! Can you believe that?), and also to the discovery of something to post, I am forced to bring to you a site called Hotrocket – Digital Technology Solutions. The guy who owns the site is none other than the guy who runs the Luxo Pixar Animation blog. Anyway, I thought it had a pretty good design.

Here’s what I like about it:
Nice, clean layout. Good use of photoshop.
Sensible, clean text. Simple but effective copy. The CSS he used, although minimal, compliments the design nicely (all right, enough of the designery bibble-bable).
Here are my persnickety complaints:
The top nav-bar is just one image, with what I presume to be hot-spots where the links are. It would’ve been a tad more professional if it was a CSS background image, with actual text where the links should be.
Again, on the front page: the image is contained within the html; it’s not a background image which would’ve done for more seamless integration.
Once again: an image with hotspots on the case studies page.

I should probably be nicer about things like that. In fact, that’s a fine thing to do, and it works (which is most important). However, I usually like to be on the cutting edge.
So now, using my extra-special Brainfuel Ratings System©™, I shall rate the site:
Overall (not an average): 4.60
Design: 5.00
Implementation: 3.00

Now you can stop reading this blog and do something productive.

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