Hot Pockets

I have a question for our readers out there. If you live in a city that contains a number of tech firms (e.g. Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, Dell) have you ever noticed a trend where all of the good developers and designers get hired by these major companies and cause a sort of shortage for the rest of us? Does having a big name firm like this attract other developers to your city or do you see no adverse effect?

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  1. Well, I was moved to Facebook from LA, and there have been a lot of people that have come to the company from out of the area. So I can see where you’re getting at.

  2. Bill: There’s a major company in town hiring developers but I’m not alowed to say who because a friend told me and I think he wanted to keep it under wraps. The news surprised me and we were both commenting that they’re hiring some talented people. It’s a company you wouldn’t expect to be in town. Ugh, sorry.

  3. I really don’t think Houston, TX has any more tech then Dell or HP… I don’t think it greatly influences our chances for being hired. For in houston TX there is so much technology in feilds like oil that they make up for the lack of jobs… This could just be an anomaly, but But I believe that more jobs are actualy going to the smaller cities in America now, since its much cheaper to run an operation in the rural midwest comapered to China in some cases…

  4. Sid: Interesting thoughts on rural midwest. I know that the advent of the internet has allowed more people to work wherever. I think that’s an awesome thing.

    Jeff: Yah, sorry. Now I kind of feel stupid posting this.

  5. Oh, here’s the other thing about this. It’s just a development branch of the business. Meaning they came to Phoenix just to hire developers. Almost as if they had used up all of the talent in their hometown.

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