Hooray Horhay’s

I ran across the Horhay’s Java site the other day and just had to post it. It looks like a small coffee shop in Wisconsin (great place to go by the way) that also does ecommerce. Anyone have a clue what ecommerce engine they’re using?

So the thing I liked the most was the big bold colors and clean site style. It’s awesome to see because 99% of the coffee shop web sites I’ve ever seen have been miserable 2 page sites.

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  1. You’re right, most of the stuff out there is PHP or –

    Though, there’s a great ecommerce app I’ve mentioned half a dozen times called ProductCart which is off the shelf, however I know this isn’t an installation of said product.


  2. That little coffee shop is as good as it looks, I visit them everytime I am in town to visit with my family. You really should take a road trip to see for yourself

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