Hi there Mister Shape

Long time BrainFuel reader Ward Andrews has launched his new 2006 t-shirt line and at the same time a new Mister Shape web site. We had a special “sneak peak” last week and only had good things to say and now that the site has launched it’s even better. As far as breaking the rules I think this site just rocks. Wide margines and full screen imagery really allow this site to shine.

Also, I think the t-shirts are awesome. Do check it out.

Don’t miss the Shape Shifter blog as well.

8 responses to “Hi there Mister Shape”

  1. hey chris! thanks for the kind words, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback. because designers are a primary audience i took some liberties with dimensions and file size. one of my favorite site stats is that 2% of my visitors are at 800×600, the rest have a larger screen resolution.

  2. well, the models are cute but the photography is annoying. If I’m going to buy something I’d like to see the entire design of the tshirt, not just a croppped partial pic of it! Are there other photos of each that I somehow missed?

  3. hey james, tarbell’s site is great. i had to reconfigure his fla to get it to fit on my site the way i wanted it. seeing as how it’s open source, i never really thought of it as stolen or tacky but thanks for the feedback. also, i have had a lot of email like ben’s about the photogrpahy..great, but need to see the whole product..i agree, working on it.

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