One of the better web sites I have seen this year comes from a phone maker named Helio.

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  1. You’re late on this one and *ahem* they’re not a ‘phone’ company.

    Love the design.

  2. Man, that is a great find! That’s one of the best Flash-based interfaces and transitions I’ve seen in a long, long time.

  3. Great website and phone… on the surface. I received Helios Ocean last week and am returning it. The user interface is really poor. I desperately wanted it to work out but cannot put up with the interface. I am a Sidekick user and inspite of the crappy graphics (relative to Ocean) it is infinitely better overall. I am willing to bet given a bit of time, more and more people will figure out it that the Helio Ocean is cool but not THAT cool…

  4. robbie word of advice helio ocean crushes the sdk3 in almost everyway its had a beutifull interface are u joking are to stupid to figure it out its simple clean and neat
    sidekick cant touch this phone if it wanted go back to tmobiles slowest and crappiest service out we helions dont want ya
    happy helio ocean owner
    sk3 lol thats for toddlers

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