Health Savings Account

If you don’t have a Health Savings Account, it’s a great way to save money (and avoid taxes) while saving for medical expenses (now or later in life). We have been working with a long time client on building this web site and it just launched on Friday. NEOS Healthcare has what most other health savings accounts don’t — a fully web based interface for managing your HSA.


Check out the sweet calculators we made (all in Flash, too). The Tax Benefits Calculator. The HSA Contribution Calculator.


7 responses to “Health Savings Account”

  1. HSAs are very cool. I’ve set aside several hundred this year and the last and used them both for dental expenses. I hope Tornado now offers HSAs to it’s employees!

  2. This is a really nice site, Chris! I checked it out last week. We also have HSA with Assurant Health at Lunchbox, and offer it to all our Associates. Everyone loves it. 🙂

  3. Nice job guys.

    The only thing I found slightly irritating (which I ralize you had nothing to do with) is the open account dropdown which offers options (all of them, ironically) apparently not available yet. Why not just put the dropdown menu function on hold for now and instead put a “call us” graphic in its place?

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