Have a great long weekend everyone… here’s some interesting links to tide you over Thanksgiving

I just used several of the points in this article to write a proposal selling web standards.

Spam Bully for Outlook.

Some Wallace and Gromit screen captures.

Some cool textures.

Silent Sundays (via Louise)

Sony copy protection trojan horse in the news (via Kent)

Ever see a pure hydrogen car? Me either until a Sunday in November. Their is a guy in town heading up Global Hydrogen and you’ll start seeing their fleet in town. You can even lease a car for $300 mo.

Web 2.0 Workgroup.

Turbo DB Admin AJAX style (via Ben)

Cool David Coperfield trick (via Tom)

WinSCP for Windows is a secure FTP client.

Emergency preparedness.

Clever poster for Pixar’s Cars movie.

Superman trailer.

Todays Dilbert is going to be a classic.

CuteNews is a neat little flat file cms for handling news items.

Huge list of open source free CMSs.

Turkey frying experience anyone?

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