Going Hybrid: Part Five

Memo to Microsoft and Apple: get off your high horses and sit down and work on making it easier to collaborate in a mixed operating system environment. As much as Apples and Oranges should mix, they don’t. My computers are NOT on speaking terms.

Let me explain: There is no easy way to share a second drive or even a portable hard disk on the Mac. Maybe I’m just blind.

6 responses to “Going Hybrid: Part Five”

  1. Isn’t there some program called Dave or something like that meant for sharing stuff between pcs and macs? dunno. I’m clueless to all that really.

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. So when Apple and Microsoft say “plays well with others” they’re talking about Bill, Steve, and Dave is the guy that is their intermediary! Yay!

  3. If Mac’s and PCs could talk better and easier, it would make it easier to use both machines on a day to day basis.

  4. I might be wrong here, but I think that a Mac can read a Microsoft formatted drive, but the PC won’t read the Mac formatted drive. I think that’s why the iPod works on either of them. Not sure on that though.

  5. Ryan: This sounds awesome! I’ve got to admit I didn’t expect anybody to have a solution. I’m going to try this out, thank you.

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