Garrison Confections Chocolate

Here’s one more chocolate company. Heh. This one is rather different. I think they’ve got a good start however there needs to be more consistency between the homepage and the sub pages.

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  1. No kidding, Chris. It seems all promising to be cute and clean, but you click and *GAH!*! Yikes. It seems maybe they’re using some sort of inflexible CMS templateing system or something? I dunno…wrap that front page interface around the rest of the content and you have a winner. :^)

  2. I have been to their store in Providence RI, and their chocolate is amazing. Their “Ultimate Nougat Bar” is like the best Snickers Bar ever… sigh.

  3. it has been like that for a couple of years and we have interviewed many companies to get what we want and we are PAYING for it….i hate the site and am very happy it is going to be updated soon…feedback would be welcome when it is completed….hopefully in a week or two…i have saved a lot of money doing most of the photography here at the factory…gladworks is doing the site….

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