Free Business Idea #1: Podcast’s on the Radio

There are so many struggling radio stations in the AM frequency. Ones that never make any money and even rent out their airwaves for any willing buyer. Most of the companies that buy these spots end up selling vitamins or, well, vitamins.

So my thought was this: Why not recycle the fabulous podcast content hiding on the internet. You could get a DJ that finds the best podcasts and play excerpts on the radio.

The Pros:

  1. Original, interesting content
  2. Thousands of categories and always new personalities
  3. Content is probably inexpensive
  4. If a radio station played podcasts all day, it would be rather unique, and a nice break from talk radio
  5. You could possibly mix it up with a short period of call-in discussions, and commentary

The Cons:

  1. It’s probably being done somewhere, and I just don’t know it
  2. Somebody has to spend the time finding this content, which could get tedius
  3. Are there really that many good quality podcasts?
  4. You’d have to work out some payment structure with the podcasters
  5. You’d still need to support it with traditional radio advertising

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