Force yourself to write

I just read this funny list of 17 Pithy Insights For Startup Founders. I can’t believe how spot on this guy is. Every article is gold.

The eleventh item on the list is great: Force yourself to write, as it will force you to think. I believe this is true. It really does. Writing BrainFuel every day really does cause me to think about things. Maybe not always the best use of my time but on average I think it’s a benefit to the mind.

3 responses to “Force yourself to write”

  1. A corollary to that would be “Force yourself to write in a foreign language.” That will really require some brain fuel.

  2. Eventually, your product will need to work and do something useful. No amount of marketing or strategy will get you around this.

    Gotta say, #6 is the best one, with #13 in a close second: “The problem you solve should be ugly. The solution you build should be beautiful.”

    The markup on the other hand… each list item is contained in it’s own list which has a start=”” attribute so that the numbers increment! Man! I certainly hope this is due to an MS Word copy + paste.

  3. 801: Comin’ Down the Line…

    Late last week, Chris Tingom pointed to an article from the OnStart forums (registration required). The specific entry that Chris highlights from that article is “force yourself to write…” The thought struck me, I have usually spent a…

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