Fat Fingers

Dude. This is so awesome! I thought about making something identical to this but someone else beat me to it.

Check it out: Fat Fingers

Basically, the idea is, you can save money on ebay through people’s typos and misspelled words. For instance, if I was trying to buy a Cybershot digital camera, this search engine would search ebay using a wide variety of possible matches. I might find an obscure auction listed as “Cybershoot” that nobody else was bidding on (because they couldn’t find it through normal search methods)

2 responses to “Fat Fingers”

  1. That is actually a really cool idea!!

    I know a guy who accidentially did that. He listed some stuff with the wrong spelling. I think since it was in the right category some people saw it (Because they were browsing by category).

  2. There’s plenty of sites like this. Fat Fingers might have been the first. Currently, I use Typo Hound because it generates tons of typo variations on eBay.

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