Everything random and some stuff not so random

Here are some random links from the past several weeks.

An interesting shoe rack design. Too bad it’s so expensive.

If your name begins with Frank and your job title includes the word Technical you might be interested in this job at Paypal in Phoenix.

phpAdsNew is an open source advertisement / banner ad rotation system that seriously looks like it is amazing. 9rules is using it for their ads.

Channel 9 is a cool little Microsoft blog with video interviews. I’m downloading this one of Bill Gates right now.

SalesTrac is interesting.

Shark vs. Octopus… awesome video!

Sony Walkman iPod competition. You must admit hte screen display is really slick.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Amazing!

CSS Table Gallery. It’s like CSS Zen Garden but for tables.

Schnebly Hill Trail in Sedona, AZ.

CakePHP – a lightweight framework written in PHP, based on the concepts used in Rails.

AdSense Webinar transcript.

I wonder if Google has a Corporate Pizza Program because I’d sign up.

Sweet photo!

Evolution of Yahoo and Google.

I want to design an airplane!

I came across this interesting program called CCleaner and it found and automatically removed over 5 gigs of unused system files (probably most of them were temp files created by Windows or other programs when things crashed). Amazing. It’s for Windows.

New CMS from the folks at ActiveCampaign called VisualEdit.

SlimStat (someone made an upgrade to ShortStat)

Tsunami photo on Wikimedia Commons.

I rated Drew’s Tell A Friend script 5 Stars over at HotScripts. Five minute setup process and it works great.

Wikipedia article about AJAX.

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