I don’t usually link to other web design studios since that’s our business and it doesn’t make sense to point out the competition. But this site was cool enough to show you and they’re in North Dakota and what harm can that be? Go check out EP.

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  1. It is a cool site for sure, nice design. However their site (and all their client sites) use some super crufty looking HTML, and for some reason on their About page they don’t list anybody on their team as being a Designer. Kinda funny. Cool site though, for sure.

  2. Thanks for the link… One little heads up though, we’re in South Dakota, which is much cooler than North Dakota.

    Also, what’s a designer?

    Just kidding. All the partners are developers, so our skillsets aren’t listed.

    Thanks again. We’re off to go de-crufty our site.

  3. You’re absolutely right Stefan. South Dakota is at least twice as cool as North Dakota. I’ve even been to South Dakota. When I drove through they had this tape series you could buy and listen to as you drove by various scenic points (like the Black Hills). I remember the theme song went like this: “Great Places, Great Faces! South Dakota!” With the chorus singing it every 10 minutes on the tape it became rather repetative.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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