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What is it with people who request a read receipt on every email they send? It’s annoying. It strikes me as untrusting (even though it probably isn’t).

Imagine if every single letter you got in the mail came certified? It’s almost the same except a signature in real life takes even more time. Anyways, there’s my rant for the day.

5 responses to “Email Read Receipts”

  1. I use to have a client that would do that with every email they sent. I got annoyed by it and set my outlook to always ignore those requests. Turned out he was one of the shadiest clients I ever worked with so maybe the writing is on the wall for people who do that!

  2. It depends for me. I get some mass emails that come back with a read receipt request. I’ve never understood that. But for others, I think I’d rather approve the receipt request (I have my Outlook set where I can either choose to send one, or not) than receive the inevitable “did you get my email?” follow-up.

  3. This brings back some good memories. The last time I used a read receipt was back in 2000 when I wanted to see if the girl I was interested in had read my email – I guess it prepared me for bad news. Since then, I’ve never asked for one or have allowed myself to send a confirmation for one – a read receipt doesn’t really guarantee anything if the recipient is not interested in your email.

  4. “…a read receipt doesn’t really guarantee anything if the recipient is not interested in your email…”

    No, and registered mail doesn’t guarantee your letter’s been read either. But it does indicate that the message was received. Sometimes that’s all that needs to be proven — especially in a business sense.

  5. I think read receipts are an excellent idea, I used to have to pay for at one time which I think is disgusting to have to pay for the option.

    I think it is very handy to know if you are being ignored or not, and you can sort out the time wasters.


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