Don’t sell me financial planning services if you can’t follow your own advice

Following your own advice in business is imperative to being able to sell your product with any emotion. If you sell financial advice then you’d better have your car paid off when you explain the benefits. Wearing that Rolex just doesn’t impress me. And the same applies to design firms and marketing companies. Show me how you’ve been able to differentiate yourself from the crowd. If marketing works like you say it does why don’t you market yourself the way you think I should?

By Chris Tingom

Principal of Tornado Design, a Phoenix, AZ based web consultancy

2 replies on “Don’t sell me financial planning services if you can’t follow your own advice”

Maybe they have diffrent targets. Marketing companies targets are firms and CEO’s, while those firms targets are the general consumers.

In general it’s the same, sell a product. But if your marketing is “general” you’ll never hit the target.

This post conjures up memories of an old acquaintance who worked as a family psychologist yet had so much drama in her own life that it was almost scary to think she was dishing out advice. 🙂

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