Doing, not thinking

I read this great excerpt this morning, and had to share it:

“Some people spend a lot of time sitting around talking about things they’re going to do and others get out and do them. I think there are plenty of people like that.”

When Asked: “So that’s the trick? To do rather than think?”

“Yeah, I think so. Everyone says a lot of people will no doubt think, ‘oh, I wish I had that idea’ but what they should think about is ‘what ideas do I have?’ And get off your bum and go and do it.”

By Chris Tingom

Principal of Tornado Design, a Phoenix, AZ based web consultancy

6 replies on “Doing, not thinking”

Here’s my perspective on thinking : We’re not thinking at all…we are remembering. Life is an experience. Everything we experience is a memory. We are only thinking that we are here and we are thinking, but actually this is not the reality. We are here to experience, not to think. A memory can only be a memory of an experience. Get the picture?

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