Mini weirdness

I just saw an ad for this web site called and checked it out. Is this site a joke? The examples they use are hilarious. For example, check out these photo captions:

Experts can uncover a MINI imposter by tracking its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). But the most effective way to spot a fake is by simply checking to see if the vehicle is ugly.

Here’s another one:

The exhaust tips on a genuine MINI Cooper S should resemble beer cans. If the exhaust tips really are beer cans, contact the CCC immediately. You’ve found a fake.

This one is best. Good advice!

Quite often, the roof of a genuine MINI is customized with a flag decal. Counterfeiters know this and try to confuse buyers. If you find an actual flag on the roof, you’ve got an actual fake.

Wow, that was a close call. I was about to buy a car that did in fact have a flag on the roof. Thank goodness for this site. I’m guessing it’s an undercover Mini web site??

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  1. Most likely an intended “viral marketing” piece. Anything to shoehorn “Mini” into your brain. Boy I like “using” quotes today.

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