On TechCrunch last night they featured the CushyCMS, a brand new (in beta) free CMS that really looks great. The way it works is it uses FTP to connect to your site, and you add tags in the CSS. Nothing more!

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  1. I hear there’s a much better Content Hosting Service on the way in October. I’m gonna wait for that one ; )

  2. This is a great beta, but I hope they tweak it even more. Although I was able to edit the parts that I wanted editing, it broke the rest of the page. I am always looking for CMS solutions for my clients. To find a free one is just what some of them needed.

  3. This looks pretty cool. I’m working with some folks on a non-profit site that this kind of thing would be perfect for. Thanks for sharing.

  4. A good way to make some cash with this would be to allow for skinning of the UI so you could personalize it for your own company. That way, clients that are editing content would think it’s your own CMS rather than CushyCMS. 😉

  5. I tried this out and added in the class tags, when it publishes the page, all it does is write out a file that has only the text I edited, the rest of the page content disappears. Not very impressive.

  6. @ jj
    Works for me. What did the company say when you reported this?
    I’m more worried about security of giving up ftp password

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