Earlier this week Bryan showed me the Cork’d web site and I of course immediately loved the design. Nice job to whoever built it. I love the simple illustrations and tight color choices.

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  1. I love how Tundro (link at the bottom of Cork’d) has illustrations of beer and coffee mugs right on their first page. I’ll definitely be a fan of any similar “Cofee’d”-type of site.

  2. Michael: I found the Tundro site as well (really dig it) and couldn’t think of what the coffee’d site would be about. Can you? Would it review coffee beans? Coffee shops? I wasn’t sure.

    Yes, SimpleBits did the design. I think it’s a partnership between two guys.

  3. Chris: I’d love to see a site to find and rate coffee shops near me. I’m new to the area and I think your Arizona Coffee blog is going to be awesome for that sort of thing. If somebody could provide a national (or international) resource I’d be a regular viewer for sure.

  4. The trouble with a site like that is you would have to compete with which frankly has 100% of the market for national coffee conversations.

    But it doesn’t have a coffee shop directory. If you want my opinion, the best way to approach this would be to design a cool looking index by state and city and allow people to submit reviews and photos and then allow people to also rate places on a 5-star scale.

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