Cooper Tire

I find this site for Cooper Tire strangely difficult to navigate. What about you?

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  1. I didn’t find it too bad. It’s certainly not a site to find the information you’re after quickly. That’s for sure. The only thing I could comment on would be the inconsistant locations for the “back” buttons. Sometimes at the top left, other times at the bottom left.

  2. …intuative, no, but usable, yes. Lack of color may add an interesting style, but it hinders the efficiancy of locating visual areas of importance/structure. (at least from a navigation standpoint. The blue circles in the beginning help a little) But, as with any other site, once you learn the menu system blah blah blah it’s all fine. But for the first-time visitor, I’d say it caters to them in a lesser way.

  3. Good points everybody. I guess you’re right, once you learn the navigation system everything should be clear. If it was my company I wouldn’t be building a site like that…

  4. I think that the prominince of the navigation at top and then the use of teh navigation within make it very easy to navigate. I also noticed a list of pages at the bottom. It could use a little color, but other than that, it’s pretty cool.

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