Clip-N-Seal Bag Clips

I wrote about the Clip-n-Seal site earlier this morning, and thought I’d post a neat screen from their shopping cart page. I like it a lot, and they have super simple and high quality photos.

3 responses to “Clip-N-Seal Bag Clips”

  1. Clean design. I like how they have replaced the heading text with what looks to be a Flash version using some JavaScript, giving nicer fonts that are also anti-aliased.

  2. Yeah the sIFR does add a nice touch, I agree nice clean and quickly illustrates the product highlights and other information throughout the site.

  3. Except i don’t like the use of sIFR on the Blog titles because you can’t right click to open into another page but they do have a link button and end of it, which is a drawback of sIFR.

    Another thing I just thought of: If I was the marketing person for this company, would I really want to sell my bag clips directly to the public? My answer would be probably not. For a product like this I would want to focus more on wholesale distribution of the product. Or partnering with major retailers or even one of those home shopping channels or even infomercials(people seem to buy unneeded stuff from these all the time) since this product is something you need to sell people on and/or demonstrate. I mean ok its a bag clip whoop dee doo… am I really going to bust out my credit card or pay shipping for these, probably not but thats just me.

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