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  1. DISCO

    Dropping ‘systems’ from that name seems logical since I don’t think people say the whole name anyway. And it will probably look better in small sizes or from a far than the previous one. But it looks restless and a bit jumpy with tallest vertical bars dropping down below the other bars baseline. My eyes just run around keep trying to find a way to make them relate to the type below, which they are unable to do.

  2. Awful! Just plain boring. looks like a 5 year old did this. Dull, lifeless. I mean, dropping systems was a mistake and could have added to the look and feel. The blue lines make no sense now. Oh man this is bad.

  3. You could argue however that in the old logo, the suspension bridge was directly on the water. In the new bridge, there are lines that go lower, indicating a suspension above water.

  4. I think it is better and not as boring as the old one, not that it is so exciting that I am going to print it out and tape it over the old logo on our companies new phones we got for our new phone system a few months ago though.

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