Today some friends and I were making lunch plans and we decided on Chipotle. So just for kicks I checked out their site (are they based out of Colorado???). Anyways, I wandered into the “Work” page to see where they were located and there is a page titled “Pen Tapping.” You’ll have to check it out.


The agency that built the site is Xylem.

2 responses to “Chipotle”

  1. …Flash software is used to create a visual smorgasboard that does NOTHING to sell the idea. I agree wholeheartedly that visual appeal is important but there are plenty of standard HTML/XHTML sites out there that offer the user a consistent experience and a visually appealing environment without the bloated, television-like Flash approach.

    When are people going to learn that the web is just *another* means to move product? When are web designers going to come out of their geeky shells and realize that customers only go for Flash because it makes *them* look good. Unless you can answer the question “Would the customer appreciate and understand this?” in the affirmative, flashy designs and all should be overlooked, they do nothing but put awards on the bookshelf of some ovepraid advertising exec.

  2. Well, you do have some good comments. However, maybe you aren’t familiar with this particular company? I felt that the site was more about brand and making people feel like it’s unique (rather than about actual content or food).

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