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  1. I like it, alot. The triangular shaped “fold over” is a nice hint to Texaco (the right point of the star) and the triangular element in the Caltex logo. Both Texaco and Caltex are Chevron companies, and this new mark ties them all in together nicely.

  2. I think it looks a little more friendly and welcoming. Rather than the sterile two bands look. Makes you feel almost like they arent enjoying raping the consumers.

  3. Just like BP that went from using a logo of a similiar style to the old Chevron logo, BP redesigned theirs a few years ago to resemble a flower. They are just so friendly and nice that I don’t mind handing them my arm and leg for gas.

    Definitely an improvement from their old logo, but I still think they are greedy bastards and no logo will change that.

  4. Yeah I was unfamiliar with BP until I saw them in South Africa. So i never saw their old logo, but their current logo is crazy with the softer colors in shades of green and yellow. Very organic feeling, very natural. The word “oil spill” certainly doesn’t come to mind.

    Whats funny is how one responds to a company strictly based on a logo. I am totally a product of corporate maniuplation through marketing.

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