Sometimes when I view web applications I wonder if they’re too-polished. Take Chatsum for instance. The sign up form is exquisite and has a lot of neat stuff going on. They have very bright color choices as well.

Do you feel like they’re trying way-too-hard? The site rocks in a big way, but is it too cool so that it passes into all experience and not enough function?

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  1. I actually think the site is designed rather well. A lot of attention to detail, and great job on making a green and orange color pallete work.

    I don’t think it’s so well designed that it pulls away from the functionality, if anything, it showcases every bit of what the site can do without being to loud.

  2. Has that Web 2.0 look. I like polish. Thing is sometimes you have a lot of developers that aren’t designers. Sometimes you get developers that are designers or a good designers. Kudos to them!

    I don’t have a desire to sign up or use the product but I do like the design.

  3. Navigation is easy to use, Information space is demonstrated visually quite nicely with the tab strusture, and the color scheme works for me. The one negative is that it might be overstyled.

    Keep in mind that there is a difference between “design” and “style”. I don’t think something can be over designed. But an overstyled web site usually indicates a lack of design.

    Know what I mean?

  4. Only sad thing about Chatsum is that, at this moment, even though they have a stylish website they can’t get a critical mass of users to make the service work.

    Some what style over substance at this point.

  5. yes, very w2.0 looking, the design is nice but i’m honestly a bit intimidated by the high saturation of those colours
    dark colours for a sleek application, or greys or softer colours would be better, imo.

    i didn’t stay at the site for more than 30 seconds

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