Category: Development

  • Cool review of Windows source code

    I was chatting with Bill Brown tonight. He’s posted a great link from his site that reviews the recently leaked Windows 2000 source code. Basically as the story goes it doesn’t look like they’ve used Linux source code in Windows, there are some funny code comments, and the code quality is excellent.

  • Neat css filters table

    My friend Kent forwards a cool site: “Found this neat table that tells browser support for css and provides hack info.”

  • Online help like livesupport

    Josh also told us about a system called MyHelpDesk from SourceForge. Supposed to be an open source Live Help ticket system. You can run it on your site and watch your visitors and offer them feedback.

  • Rich Text Editor

    Josh (one of our contract developers) just told me about FCKeditor, which is a rich text editor for online forms. It’s free / open source and you can see a demo on the site.